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diag_3iPhone 6 phones are relatively new, but that hasn’t stopped some people from dropping them or some of them having problems. While many people have warranties on their phones, others may not, and that puts them in a predicament when it comes to getting them repaired.

Fortunately, we have what you need to repair your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Check out all of the repair services we offer!

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

You drop your phone and the screen shattered. Ugh. It’s okay; we can remove the screen for you and put a brand new one on there. When you get your iPhone 6 back, you’ll never know it had a cracked screen.

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector/Charger Port Repair

When your iPhone 6 won’t charge or sync, it can get frustrating. Don’t let yourself get too bent out of shape about it – just send it in to us. We will check out the connection to see if it’s just simply dirty with dust. Or if it’s something more serious, we’ll go ahead and replace the lightning connector with a brand new one. Don’t worry about the parts we use; they are all high quality parts!

iPhone 6 Volume Button and Vibrate Switch

You can’t turn the volume up or down or the vibrate switch won’t work on your iPhone 6? It probably needs a new one. Our certified techs will remove the one you have now, and place a brand new in its place. It will work as good as new when we’re finished with it.

iPhone 6 Sleep/Wake Button

Just like for the volume and vibrate function, we replace the sleep/wake button too when it stops working.

Battery Replacement for the iPhone 6

The battery is not easy to get to in the iPhone 6. That’s why were offer a battery replacement service to our customers. Your phone will last just as long as it did when you first bought it with this iPhone 6 repair.

Home Button Repair

The Home button can get stuck or become unresponsive. We can find out why and fix it if it’s something small. If the Home button has stopped functioning because of internal hardware problem, we’ll have to replace it. It’s not a big deal for our certified technicians!

Camera Removal for the iPhone 6

Do you need to remove the camera on your iPhone 6? We’ll do it for you. You can then take your iPhone anywhere you would like to go without having to worry about them saying you can’t because it has a camera.

Headphone Jack Repair

You want to listen to music and watch videos on your nice iPhone 6. You can’t if the headphone jack doesn’t work. A new one will do just the trick to get it working again for you.

External Loud Speaker Replacement

Speakerphones make it easy for you to talk to people while doing something else. When your speaker doesn’t work though, you end up having to miss out on that feature of your phone. Let us repair the loud speaker to get that feature back.

Ear Speaker Repair

Just as the loud speaker can break, so can the ear speaker. We’ll do the same to this speaker – replace it with a brand new one.

We have the iPhone 6 repair services you need to get your phone back to the way it was when you first bought it. Contact us now to get started on your repair!

See all of the repairs mentioned here and more on our iPhone 6 repair services page.

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