What to Do With a iPhone 6 Broken Screen

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iphone 6 screen replacementCNet recently posted an article about what your options are when you shatter your iPhone 6’s screen. The popular review website says that you have four options, have Apple fix it, choose a third party site (i.e. iResQ), fix it yourself, or live with it.

It’s concerning that CNet has offered these suggestions, especially since so many people have a lot of faith in the site.

Why You Shouldn’t Follow All of CNet’s Recommendations

First of all, Apple does repair screens, but unless you want to pay for almost a brand new phone just to get a screen fixed, it’s not your most budget friendly option. Fixing the screen yourself is NEVER a good option. Our technicians have been trained and have a ton of experience fixing screens, but before they got to the level of experience they have, they bricked plenty of phones. Whenever you fool around with the internal mechanisms of a phone, there’s a chance you’ll end up breaking it beyond repair (although we can usually fix most problem with part replacements).

The last option CNet provides is to just live with the crack. That’s also not a good choice because plenty of people get nicked from the cracked glass. The other problem is that the longer you use your phone with a cracked screen, the more likely you’ll end up breaking it even more. Your phone is vulnerable when the screen is not intact. That doesn’t just mean the screen, but the internal mechanisms too.

The Only Good Option for an iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

The only option that will save you money and get your phone back to the way it looked when you first bought it is using a third party repair service (again, iResQ). We have certified technicians who know how to replace shattered screens on iPhones, especially the 6. Our prices are less than Apple’s and many other third party repair shops. Order your iPhone 6 screen replacement now.

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