iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S4 competition incites use preference

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This year revealed an exciting lineup of technical gadgets that had Apple and Samsung fans clamoring to get their new devices as early as possible. With the advancements that both manufacturers made, the iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S4 competition ran strong and still has users debating on what hardware is better. Both pieces of equipment have their advantages as well as aspects that need to be improved on, but it comes down to user preferences and what value the owner will find in their smartphone.

Comparing the 5s and the S4
While there are significant benefits to both models, it's worth noting a few key differences that could sway user opinion. Gizmag contributor Will Shanklin gave a rundown of the devices, noting that the Galaxy's construction wasn't as nice as the iPhone's and had gimmicky software features, but had the larger display that users are looking for. The iPhone, however, is lighter and fits more easily into the user's hand, but consumers may be dissuaded by the slight changes from the iPhone 5 and the small screen size. The iPhone is given the advantage with a longer lasting battery life when streaming videos while the Galaxy has a better camera that creates less saturated, more detailed images.

“Both have matured into excellent, top-tier mobile operating systems,” Shanklin wrote. “Pick your favorite (on the most general level, iOS favors bullet-proof simplicity and Android favors customizable flexibility), and don't worry too much about what anyone else prefers.”

Taking the phones to market
The iPhone 5s and 5c debuted alongside the iOS 7 update, becoming every Apple fan's dream release and shaking up the mobile market. According to Counterpoint, the iPhone 5s remained in the top 10 handsets sold globally in October, CNET reported. Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 had more shipments than the Samsung Galaxy S4  that month, and the iPhone 5c came in fourth, just behind the S4. These numbers are significant in that although the 5s and 5c may not have offered significant differences from the original iteration, they still maintained market dominance. The tug of war between the two manufacturers has spurred significant market competition, with each providing devices that are becoming more user friendly, business savvy and capable of more complex processes.

As the mobile wars continue to heat up, Apple and Android users must still ensure that their devices are performing optimally. When looking for a cell phone repair shop, call iResQ for your hardware mending needs.

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