iPhone 5S Screen Replacement for Cracked iPhones

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You knew you were in trouble even before you heard the crash of your phone hitting the pavement. You dropped your iPhone 5S smartphone and now the screen has smashed into a million pieces. The iPhone has always been notoriously breakable, with the screen being the most vulnerable part. They may call it Gorilla Glass, but the fragile material of your screen is no match for a slab of cement.

Even if the screen is still barely clinging together, you’re going to have to have it replaced eventually. You may try putting up with a shattered screen for a while in hopes of avoiding the cost of fixing it, but at some point peering through those cracks will get to you and you will give in.

Maybe you’ll try to save money by going to Amazon or eBay and buying a new screen, then trying to install it yourself. Those YouTube videos make it look simple, don’t they? That’s when you find out that taking apart a smartphone is difficult enough, but putting one back together correctly is practically impossible if you (a) don’t have the proper tools and (b) have no idea what you’re doing.

This is an especially bad idea since you are not only voiding your warranty (if you still have one), you may break something else that costs more to fix than the screen. If you work hard enough, you may be able to mess up the phone so badly that it can’t be repaired and you’ll have to buy a new one. This is an especially scary thought if you recently got the phone at a greatly subsidized price for signing a two-year contract with one of the wireless cartels and you’ll be stuck with either spending hundreds of dollars for a new device or scouring eBay for a replacement at a lower price.

Since like most of us, you turned down that salesman at the Apple Store who tried to sell you insurance, you’re going to have to pay to have it fixed. You could take the iPhone back to the Apple Store or big box chain, go find the repair department and throw yourself on their mercy, but you’re likely to be very unhappy with the estimate you get from those guys. Maybe part of being a “Genius” or “Geek” is figuring out how much they can get away with charging you for something that will probably take them a few minutes to do.

iPhone 5S Screen Replacement Service

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