IPhone 5S issues and how to deal with them

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As with any new device, there are bound to be some issues with both the hardware and software being used. There have been more than a few reports about features of the new iPhone 5S that haven't worked properly. One of the bigger issues have been with the new fingerprint scanner on the home button. According to Forbes contributor Anthony Kosner, between 20 and 30 percent of 5S owners have reported that the sensor isn't functioning properly.

While some were voicing their displeasure that Apple shipped their product with this fault, Kosner – a victim of the issue himself – isn't worried. For one, the problems with the fingerprint sensor don't affect the overall experience with the phone. Also, there is a good chance that the issue will be fixed with later software updates that Apple provides.

In the meantime, there is a workaround to get the sensor to work on a functional level. Users can go into the settings on the iPhone and select the Passcode & Fingerprint menu. Once there, they can edit and add any fingerprints they want to use to unlock the phone. If the phone is still experiencing the issue, it could mean it needs iPhone repair services.

Other issues with new iPhone
There have been some other bugs and glitches that have been recently reported. Some have been pretty common, such as the blue screen of death, faulty sensors, overheating and short battery life. However, a couple of issues that aren't as well known were covered by Digital Trends contributor Simon Hill.

One problem iPhone owners have run into is with the microphone. Reports have stated that the mic has trouble picking up voice, which is especially troublesome for people who use Siri or other apps that use voice commands. Users can possibly work around this issue a couple of ways. One way is to make sure that there is nothing covering the microphone. Another is to turn the noise cancelation feature off.

Users are also having issues with loose or rattling home or power buttons. Some have found the clicking and rattling noises of both to be pretty annoying. It also appears that issue is prevalent in most new iPhones, as those who have sent devices in for replacements or tried out another iPhone because of the buttons have reported the same problems. There are no workarounds for this, meaning repair is the only option. If an iPhone owner needs to fix a button or have an iPhone sound check, they should send it into iResQ.

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