iPhone 5S could be coming in June

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Technology moves fast these days, and Apple's production of new devices is no exception. A flurry of reports have many speculating that the next model of Apple's iPhone model, the iPhone 5S, will be heading for a June 2013 release date. According to a recent article in Business Insider, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek noted that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5S next June, which is a break from the pattern Apple has established and exhibited over the last two years.

The source indicated that Misek predicted the new iPhone 5S will have a optimized HD camera and screen, a better battery and NFC. He also stated that it will possibly be available in six to eight different colors.

“This year, Apple's sales dipped significantly two quarters before the launch of a new iPhone,” Jay Yarow wrote for Business Insider. “Consumers held off because they knew a new phone was coming. Apple wants to avoid loading all its sales into one half of the year. By accelerating its product releases it can avoid this problem.”

While this news certainly has the web aflutter with excitement, 9To5Mac indicated in its coverage that it is looking at this news with skepticism, as is usually the case with analyst reports.

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