iPhone 5C Speaker Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

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It’s truly annoying when you’re trying to take a call on your iPhone 5C but no sound comes out of the speaker. Or there is sound, but it is muffled, crackling or distorted and the volume bars fail to react when you try to adjust them. You could have a problem with your phone’s internal speaker, so here are a few tricks that may help to get it working again.

Check your controls

Do a little troubleshooting. Is the volume set at the normal level you prefer? Is there anything (like headphones or an external speaker) plugged into the headset jack or dock connector? Is the speaker and dock port clean? If you find the port clogged with lint or other debris, use a small, clean brush to sweep it away. Check the loud/silent switch on the exterior of the phone. See if it has been accidentally switched to silent.

Check your apps and accessories

If the problem is happening with one particular application, try testing the sound with other apps. If you’ve been using a Bluetooth accessory, turn it off. Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data; try restarting the iPhone 5C and see if that solves the problem. To do this, hold the home button and power switch together for 10 seconds. Also, see if you’re running the most recent iOS, and if not, upgrade.

Insert your headphones

It’s possible that your iPhone 5C has gotten stuck in the headphone mode, so try inserting your headphones in the jack and leave them there for a couple of minutes. If that doesn’t work, take them in and out several times. If the phone is stuck, this should undo it. Also, clean out your headphone jack with a Q-tip or canned air.

Squeeze the phone

This one may sound strange, but it does work in some cases. Squeeze the bottom right hand corner of the iPhone above the speaker and hold the grip for 20 seconds. If the problem is a loose connector, this can reposition it correctly.

Reset your settings

Go to settings>general>reset and choose “reset all settings.” Before you do this, back up all your data on the cloud/iTunes since this will wipe your media, apps and music.

Restore your phone

Go to iTunes and plug in your iPhone. Click on the iPhone icon and go to restore. Again, back up your data first because this will restore your phone to its original factory settings.   If none of these home remedies work, you may have a hardware problem. If your phone is still under warranty, take it to your local Apple store and ask for help.

iPhone 5C Speaker Not Working Still?

If your iPhone 5C is no longer under warranty and you don’t want to spend a bundle getting your speaker problem fixed, turn to us – iResQ. Our experienced certified technicians can replace the faulty speaker and have the phone back to you right away. We offer 24-hour turnaround iPhone 5C repair service with free diagnostics. See our iPhone 5C speaker repair service or call 888-447-3748 for more information.

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