iPhone 5C set to make a splash in India

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Apple is a company with a reach that knows no bounds, as a large set of shipments from the company sent via Banglore Air Cargo recently proved. According to BGR, 8GB iPhone 5Cs have started arriving in India, in anticipation of its introduction into the Indian marketplace.

The 5C is sure to make a smashing debut
It should be mentioned that in India the 16GB version of the 5C was already available at the beginning of May, but with the current release of the more affordable 8GB version sales of the current iPhone should likely be huge in the country. To encourage sales in the Indian marketplace, Apple has been employing a buyback scheme wherein citizens turn in their old phone in exchange for an Apple phone that comes at a lower price than it otherwise would have. In developing markets like India, according to CEO Tim Cook, this strategy has proven largely effective.

“The iPhone also continued to perform exceptionally well in many developing markets. In Greater China, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey,” he said. iPhone sales grew by strong double-digits year-over-year, and in India and Vietnam sales more than doubled.”

According to BusinessToday, the 8GB 5C should be in wide circulation in India by the end of May. Apple is expected to harness a buyback offer just as it did with the 16GB model, which will likely draw bigger crowds.

New Indian customers – and the rest of the world – should take certain steps to prolong phone life
For the expanding Apple Indian market as well as for the rest of us, there are several iPhone 5C battery life tips that, when consistently practiced, can significantly extend the life of a battery. Since nobody wants to deal with an iPhone battery replacement, we suggest following these measures, courtesy of Apple:

  • Keep software up-to-date. Software updates are created for a reason. Oftentimes app developers realize that their app's functionality may be impeded by a glitch. This kind of glitch may have the potential to do damage to your phone, such as drain battery life over time, which is why it's good practice to consistently check for updates.
  • Turn down the brightness. Keeping your phone's screen highly illuminated all the time is a sure-fire way to drain the battery quickly, which can contribute to battery degradation over time. Adjust the brightness to the lowest possible setting that still provides optimal visibility for you.
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