iPhone 5C Repair: Water Damage Tips

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It’s the summer, and many people are bringing their iPhone 5C to the pool or beach. While taking some great selfies or photos of friends and kids, many of these people end up dealing with the devastating situation of dropping their phone into water. Understanding what you need to do when this happens may end up saving your iPhone.

Get It Out Quick

Instinct will make you jump for your iPhone. This is very good thing to do. The longer it sits in water, the worse the damage will likely be when you finally take it out.

Don’t Turn It On – Turn It Off

As much as you want to test it to make sure it survived, do not turn it on if it’s off. If it’s on, turn it off immediately. The connections inside can spark and become damaged if you try to use your phone while there’s water inside of it.

Dry It

Wipe it down as much as possible, and then lay it out in the sun or in a warm, dry place inside. Some say to put your iPhone in a bag of rice, but that doesn’t always work. The best you can do is let it dry out as much as possible.

Try It

After a day or two, when you believe your phone has dried completely, you may want to try it out. If it works, great. If not, you’ll likely need an iPhone 5C repair water damage service.

About Our iPhone 5C Repair Water Damage Service

Our iPhone 5C repair water damage service can save your phone. Our certified technicians know how water and moisture affect the iPhone 5C. They know how to take the phone apart, and check each part to see if it’s been affected. If it is, they know how to replace it. We only use high quality parts. They also know when the iPhone 5C repair may end up costing more than the phone is worth.

iResQ offers free diagnostics for iPhone 5C repair water damage service. They will look over a device, determine what needs to be replaced to make it function as good as new, and then call the customer to let him or her know the cost. If the customer wants us to continue with the repair, we will do that, and usually the same day. If not, we’ll send it right back in the same condition.

Want More Information?

Check out our iPhone 5C repair service – diagnostics and repair quote. We provide this service FREE. If you have any questions, please send us an email or call us at the number above.


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