iPhone 5C Repair: Water Damage Tips to Save Its Life

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The iPhone 5C is small enough to slide into your pocket. It’s not too difficult to throw your jeans in the wash forgetting your iPhone is inside. The horror of pulling your jeans out of the washer with the phone sopping wet can make you want to cry. With iPhones being a huge part of our lives, they are bound to end up getting wet.Luckily, there are some things you can do when your iPhone 5C gets wet.

iPhone 5C Repair: Water Damage Tips

Remove the phone from the water as soon as possible. Shake the phone as vigorously as possible. Wipe every part of it.

If you’re phone is off, leave it off. If the phone was on when you got it wet, you have two options. You can turn it off and hope it doesn’t short circuit, or leave it on and hope you don’t receive any notifications.

The next step is to get as much water out as possible. Don’t use a hair dryer, as much as you think that’s a good idea. You can use a desiccant to help draw out the moisture. Some people say that rice works just as well, but the problem is that dust and whole rice pieces can get lodged in the ports. That’s just another problem added to the water damage. Leave your phone to dry for 48 hours. You can then try to turn it on to see if it’s functioning normally.

When iPhone 5C Doesn’t Turn On

If you’ve tried this and your iPhone 5C still doesn’t turn on or work as it did before the water damage, contact iResQ. Our certified technicians have experience with iPhone 5C repair due to water damage. They can determine whether or not your iPhone can be saved and fix it if it can. Turn to the experts in mobile device repair since 1994 to repair your water damaged iPhone 5C.

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