What to Do If Your iPhone 5C Lightning Connector Is Not Charging

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When you find that the battery level of your iPhone 5C has fallen dangerously low but your charger refuses to work, it can be hard to tell what has gone wrong. It’s possible that you need to replace the charger, but there could also be some small problem that you can fix yourself. If the lightning connector of your iPhone 5C is failing to charge, there are a few things you can try to get it going again.

Dust or lint

The first possibility to consider is that something is preventing the lightning connector port from making contact with the iPhone. The port may have collected some pocket lint, so give it a good cleaning. Try blowing on it with a can of air, or use a fine paper clip to dislodge the lint. A toothpick or small coffee straw can help, too. Be sure to dig deeply enough to remove all embedded lint. This may be all you need to do to get the lightning connector charging again.

You can avoid this problem by cleaning the phone and all accessories on a regular basis. If this happens to you frequently, consider picking up a dust plug from Amazon. These sell for just $1.25 each and are worth it because they let you avoid the nuisance of having to constantly clean your lightning port. To prevent the buildup of dust and lint in the future, keep the iPhone 5C in a case.

Loose contact

If the lightning connector does not fit tightly into the iPhone, that could be due to lint or another substance keeping them apart. Follow the instructions above for lint.

Power failure

If the lightning connector port is clean but you’re still not getting a charge, check your power sources. Is the connector plugged into a working outlet? Try switching to another outlet and see if that helps. If you’re using the connector with a wall outlet, try switching to a USB port.


If you’ve ascertained that the cord is working but the iPhone still refuses to charge, try restoring the factory settings. This works in some cases, so it’s worth a try, but be sure to back up your data first.

Cord problems

Check your cord for fraying or breakage. Connecting cords can become stressed after being stuck in the same position for too long. If you find wear or damage to the connecting cord, you will need to replace it. This item is usually covered by the Apple warranty, but if yours has expired, you’ll have to buy a new one and hope that solves the problem.

Use an apple certified cable

Many people by knock off charging cables because they are cheap and easily accessible. Don’t trust these charging cords. They can cause damage to your phone and most of them will stop working shortly after you start using them.

Is the iPhone 5C Lightning Connector Not Charging Still?

If all of the above fail, you may have a hardware issue. If your iPhone 5C needs a new lightning connector, turn to us – iResQ. We can fix your lightening connector for a reasonable price. We offer 24 hour turnaround, so you can get your phone back as quickly as possible. Visit our iPhone 5C lightning connector replacement service page or call 888-447-3748 for more information.

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