iPhone 5c headphone jack not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

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Here at iResQ, we're flooded with many repair requests a day, and by simply perusing the types of requests on display, we're able to identify certain repair trends among our customers and therefore, we must assume, the broader population. One request we've been noticing involves the iPhone 5c headphone jack not working. Customers will write us in varying states of distress explaining that they're no longer able to listen to music on their phone, because the jack that once worked perfectly now appears to be defective. But before you ship your device in to us requesting a jack repair, we suggest following these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check to make sure it's actually the jack that's not working. It can be easy to blame a problem that actually lies with your headphones on the iPhone. For instance, we had one customer recently who sent his iPod in for a jack repair because his earpiece was only playing music out of one ear. Now in that case, the real issue lay with the headphones, and the fact that they were nearing the end of their life cycle. Fortunately for iPhone users out there, the method of testing if your jack or your headphones are at fault couldn't be easier: Simply swap out your headphones with a friends'. If the problem persists, then the jack is likely the issue. If not, your headphones are to blame.
  2. Clean the jack to ensure optimal functionality. An iPhone jack is tiny, and the outside materials that can get lodged therein can be even tinier. Sometimes enough foreign matter can accumulate in the hack to limit or outright disrupt functionality. In this case, a cleaning is in order, and fortunately for you it's something that requires few tools. Over at CNET, they recommend a paperclip, which, when properly bent, can be lowered into the jack to remove the problem material. This is a precarious procedure and must be done with care, or else you risk causing damage to the interior of the jack with the paperclip. If you're looking to give your jack a more general cleaning, a q-tip can work wonders. The nice thing about this method is that, unlike a paperclip, nothing about the q-tip poses a threat to the interior of the device.

Consider both of these things before jumping to the conclusion that your jack needs to be replaced. 

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