iPhone 5c camera not working? Try these quick fixes

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When an iPhone 5c camera ceases to work, many people may jump to conclusions about what's gone wrong. The first instinctive thought for countless iPhone users may be that the camera itself is totally broken. More often than not, however, this probably isn't the case. Rushing out and buying a new phone or seeking an unnecessary repair can be a waste of time and money, especially when the real solution to the problem could have been executed in moments and not cost a dime.

Rather than make rash judgments, try these fixes before seeking a repair for your iPhone 5c:

1) Turn off Restrictions
It's important to keep your phone protected, but there is such a thing as too many restrictions. According to Gazelle, navigating through Settings – General – Restrictions will allow users to see if the camera is even permitted to work. A quick tap or swipe will rectify the problem.

2) Pop into place
There have apparently been many instances of iPhone 5 cameras suddenly not working. Apps using the camera will often load, but present error messages or black screens, according to OSX Daily contributor Paul Horowitz. He discovered after his camera stopped working that the lens was slightly protruding in a way it wasn't supposed to be. The solution he found for this issue was rather unique.

“The iPhone 5 camera hardware on this particular device is a bit loose and can actually be physically depressed slightly by applying some light pressure against it,” Horowitz wrote. “Certainly not normal behavior of a properly functioning piece of hardware, and not what you want your camera to do. But guess what? Pressing against the physical hardware camera actually made the Camera app able to work again, as well as all the other camera apps in iOS. Curious.”

3) Resetting
Like many other issues, a quick “off/on” can often be the solution to a camera problem. Perhaps the app itself just needs to be closed through the app manager, or the phone's power needs to flip the switch to undue a hidden software configuration. Restarting the device will have a similar effect. If all else fails, back up your iPhone 5c and do a total reset.

4) Cover the lens
According to Apple Toolbox contributor Serhat Kurt, many users of Apple devices have found their camera apps freezing on a closed shutter. Restarting the app may not be effective. In Kurt's study of this problem, he came across many users who found that the shutter would open if they covered the lens with their fingers for a moment. While this was not discovered to be a permanent fix, it did allow the app to function.

These are some interesting solutions, but they might not be the right one in many instances. Cameras do break for real from time to time, and others can come faulty out of the box. Is your iPhone 5c camera not working? Contact iResQ today and we can help with your iPhone repair needs.

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