iPhone 5C Battery Problems: How to Solve Them

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Ever since Apple released their newest update to its iOS, many iPhone 5C users have complained about battery problems. They report that the battery drains significantly faster than it did before they updated their phone. This is annoying to say the least. There’s nothing worse than being out and about and having your battery die with no way to charge it.

The good news is there is something you can do about it. There’s a trick that many iPhone 5C users have been doing that help them identify what is causing the iPhone 5C battery problems.

The first thing you need to do is restore your iPhone to factory setting. Yes, this is a pain, but it’s worth it if you can have your battery last more than a couple of hours.

When your phone reboots, don’t install any apps. Don’t even link your email to the phone. You want your phone to be completely clean.

The process is to test out each app you download to see if it’s causing your battery to drain. Download one app, use it for a few minutes, and then go into your settings, click on General, About, Diagnostics & Usage, and then Diagnostics & Usage Data. This is where you will be able to see whether that app has caused any issues on your phone. If you see the app’s name in the coding in that section, you’ll know that it’s causing iPhone 5C battery problems. Delete it, and then continue testing other apps.

Other Tricks for Solving iPhone 5C Battery Problems

In addition to this trick, you can decrease the speed of battery drain by doing the following:

  • Turn off location services
  • Lower the brightness of your display
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not using it
  • Enable Wi-Fi because it uses less power than the network
  • Set your email to fetch new data less often
  • Disable push notifications

If you’ve tried all of this, and you’re still dealing with iPhone 5C battery problems, you may need a battery replacement. Our certified technicians are skilled at performing iPhone 5C battery replacement. They skillfully remove the existing battery and then install a brand new battery. iResQ only uses high quality, OEM parts. We believe you should have the best parts and service.

We perform this iPhone 5C repair service within 24 hours of receiving your device. We know you want your device back as soon as possible, so that’s why we get to it as soon as we can on the day we receive it.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have concerning your iPhone 5C.

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