iPhone 5C battery life tips

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You've just unwrapped your brand new iPhone 5C and lo and behold, it's everything you expected it to be. Sleek, colorful and with a crystal clear display, the phone is one of those few products that actually looks actually like it does on the website. As you boot up your new phone and import contacts from your old one, the thought occurs to you that you want to make this 5C last as long as possible – after all, it is such a singularly awesome device. And what better way to prolong the life of an iPhone than to make sure its battery is well attended-to? In honor of that, we've compiled this list of iPhone 5C battery life tips to ensure that you get the most out of your phone without unnecessary battery drainage:

  • Keep it in “the zone”: When it comes to a battery, there are few things that can cause more immediate adverse effects than extreme temperatures. And by that we mean temperatures in either direction. Whether you're in Antarctica or the Sahara, it's vital that you keep your iPhone 5C in the optimal temperature zone which, according to Apple, is between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The parameters broaden a bit when you're simply storing the device without using it – in this situation, Apple extends the temperatures from -4 to 113 degrees F. But if you fall outside that range you're risking some serious long-term battery issues.
  • Turn on WiFi when phone is in use: With the increasing number of WiFi deployments, there's bound to be Wi-Fi in the general vicinity of any area you happen to be. Having your phone turned to Wi-Fi-enabled allows the device to sync up with any network that's accessible, which thereby limits the tax on your battery.
  • Lower the brightness: The only time you should have your phone on full brightness is if it's an extremely sunny day and there's a beam of light directly on your screen. Otherwise, we see no reason why you can't have the device consistently on about half brightness. Over time, this will play a significant role in battery conservation, and, as a secondary benefit, it'll also be less of a strain on your eyes.
  • Lock your phone: This is the simplest thing in the world to do – all it takes is pushing the sleep/wake button. By doing that when the phone is not in use, you'll ensure that it's not using energy and therefore reap better overall battery life.
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