IPhone 5 will be a huge hit, study says

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In case you were wondering how people will respond to the launch of the rumored new iPhone 5, a survey from PCWorld and MacWorld found the new Apple product will likely be a huge hit, with a large number of people looking to upgrade to the first 4G iPhone.

The survey, which talked to 1,248 people in March, shows that 70 percent of MacWorld readers plan on buying the new device and 48 percent said they would preorder it. Only 15 percent of PCWorld readers are looking to buy it, but 40 percent of mobile users who don't read either website said they will buy the device.

The new iPhone will likely cause a splash in the market similar to their predecessors. However, many current iPhone owners may not feel the need to purchase the next-gen phone because they are happy with their devices. Although a dented casing, cracked screen, or malfunctioning head phone jack may persuade these individuals to upgrade to the new device, contacting an iPhone repair service may be a more economical option.

For example, iResQ provides top-level service for Apple products that have hardware issues. Staffed with certified Apple technicians, iResQ offers a free diagnosis and a fast turn-around time.

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