iPhone 5 put through the torture test

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Android Authority recently decided to put the iPhone 5 through the Torture Test to challenge the device’s survival life and durability. The test is made up of three levels in which the iPhone is made vulnerable to common accidental hazards – the coffee test, scratch test and submersion test.

Before the test, Android Authority admitted that the iPhone device they were using had been dropped four times previously, and had survived with no damage. For the first level of the Torture Test – the coffee round – the iPhone was showered with an entire cup of coffee and then dried quickly with a tissue paper. The device was able to withstand an entire shower of coffee without any damage.

For level two – the scratch test – Android Authority placed the iPhone 5 inside a plastic bag full of keys, coins and lighters to simulate how a device’s screen is usually scratched. The iPhone was roughly shaken and rubbed against the table surface while in the bag of scratchable objects for about 10 seconds. When the phone was removed, it had not received any screen cracks. While there was some minor damage on the edges of the device, the iPhone had passed the second round.

The final test
“The final test came with a special Android Authority aquarium full of water,” International Business Times’ Ryan Inoyori recapped. “Under this test, the iPhone 5 must stay inside the water tank for 15 seconds and it was expected to keep running after the submersion. Initially, the device was still running after a quick wipe, but five minutes later, something went wrong. It boots and gets stuck for five minutes. It seems water has penetrated the top edge of the iPhone 5. The keys are still not functioning perfectly but swiping around the screen is relatively fine.”

After the device began having a few issues, Android Authority attempted to dry it by placing it in a container of rice to absorb the moisture for 24 hours. However, this is not recommended by many repair and electronics professionals, and a recent iMike’s Help post explained that not only will rice not dry a phone quickly enough, but it can also get stuck in the headphone jack and swell from the moisture it absorbs. After having little luck with their rice strategy for drying the device, however, Android Authority declared that the iPhone 5 did not pass the Torture Test.

While the iPhone 5 did not quite make it through all three levels of the Torture Test, it’s durability remains impressive. Still, these tests help demonstrate how devices are damaged by regular everyday activities.  If any accidents should occur, iResQ’s iPhone repair services can help resolve water damage, replace screen damage and get your device back to working order in no time.

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