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It’s amazing seeing the amount of broken iPhones coming into our facility day in and day out, in particular the iPhone 4S.  It shouldn’t be considering how ubiquitous the iPhone has become.  As I discussed in a previous blog, the iPhone is simply dominating market share.  Apple is one of those types of companies that when it releases a new device people line up for hours, and sometimes days to get their hands on one.  Apple does that to people.  Not many companies in the world have this kind of die-hard following.  And with more and more people becoming familiar with Apple products for the first time, mostly through the “gateway drug” called the iPhone, Apple is gaining new devotees each day.

This all brings me to the point of this article: we have been hearing rumors of the next iteration of the iPhone  (ostensibly called “iPhone 5”) as early as last year.  Just think about this, it is May, 2012 and sources as reliable as the Wall Street Journal and Reuters are reporting with confidence that the new iPhone will have at least a 4-inch screen.  When rumors of Apple products that are not even announced yet make front page headlines, that is something to truly behold.

How long will Apple’s steam last?  As a Beatle once said, all things must pass.  Microsoft has dominated the home computer market for a long time and just recently we’re seeing a valid competitor in Apple to maybe de-throne Microsoft.

When industries as big the medical industry start using iPads to manage medical records, that turns eyes.  That industry, while still a PC dominated one, is beginning to use iPads and iOS.  That is the first step of many that may lead to big things to come.

A lot of this is speculation, of course, but that’s what I’m here for. Would you like to see a bigger screen on the next iPhone?  Or are you satisfied with the status quo? Let me know!

Photo courtesy of Macrumors

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