iPhone 5 is about to drop…So is the Touch 5

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I have ants in my pants. I can’t wait for the press conference today. In preparation, I have been busy all morning creating repair pages in anticipation for the new product announcements.  As I write this, there’s a little less than an hour and a half to go before the announcement begins.  If you have some time, I have some reading for you if you’re into iPhone 5 rumors.  As I have said before, Gizmodo is one of my personal favorite websites.  They have put together a wonderful iPhone 5 rumor roundup where you can find yours truly (iResQ). Yep, we’re in that article because we were able to get our hands on iPhone AND iPad Mini repair parts pretty early on in the game, so you know where to go for iPhone 5 repairs.

We tweeted earlier today not to sleep on the new iPod Touch.  And you know it, we are going to offer iPod Touch 5 repairs! Just thinking about that makes tingles go down my spine.  There is going to be SO MUCH in today’s keynote.  At least we hope so.  Everywhere you look, you see people mentioning that Apple will announce not only the iPhone 5, but also new versions of the iPod Touch, a new iPod Nano, a new version of iTunes, and new features in iOS 6 just too name a few.  I am going to be glued to my computer reading live blogs for probably 2 hours today. I can’t wait. I am going to heat up some KC BBQ, and plant myself at my desk.  It will be pure Apple bliss for me.

Before I leave you this morning, I want to put together a nice iResQ rumor roundup for you. Enjoy!

On iResQ:
iPhone 5 Dock Connector installed on the iPhone 5 back case

The iPhone 5 Battery  installed!

The iPhone 5 Assembled!

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Dock Connectors

More iPhone 5 Repair Parts Installed

iResQ on Gizmodo:
iPhone 5 Battery

iPhone 5 Assembled

iPhone 5 Battery

iPad Mini Parts

iResQ on the LA Times:
iPhone 5 Battery is Installed

iPhone 5 and Mini iPad Parts – Dock Connector

iResQ on Mac Rumors:
iPhone 5 Thinner than iPhone 4

iPhone 5 Battery

iPhone 5 Headphone Jack installed, and more!

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