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Well, the iPhone 4 has been out for a couple months now and we have yet to see an official release date for the White iPhone 4. And as September 1 is but one day away, we’d love to hear the release date for the White iPhone 4 at Apple’s “special event” tomorrow. It’s been a long time coming. There are TONS of people out there dying to get their hands on one.

In addition to this, we can expect new models of iPods to be announced as well. Let’s hope that Apple finally releases a version of the iPod Touch with a camera. Or better yet, an HD video camera and a Retina Display. Throw in 120GB models and I’ll be extremely happy. Oh, wait, the new “photos” of the supposed Nano Gen 6 look awesome! All this talk about iPods. Truth be told, the iPod, I’m afraid, may not be around too much longer. This is purely opinion, but with as many cell phone users switching over to iPhones and other smart phones, I’ve seen iPods less and less. Personally, ever since I’ve got my iPhone I have very rarely used my iPod. I would imagine that most people would prefer to not carry around an iPod if they can just as easily listen to music, watch movies, or browse the internet on their iPhone.

Moving on, we have some good news on the repair front here at iResQ. As you know, we have been offering the iPhone 4 Glass Backplate Replacement Service for a while now. We are even offering the part as a self install because the repair is fairly easy to do. Just take a look at the video below, it only took me two minutes to install. And we do offer these parts in both black and white. Check out our entire list of iPhone 4 repairs/services here.

Also, Eric’s offer is still out there for a REALLY great discount on MacBook Bezels. Remember this, “Until September 30th, use the coupon code “BEZEL” when you place any MacBook repair order and we’ll replace your cracked or damaged bezel for only $15. That’s like half price! Here’s what you do- place your order, add the SKU N-P010890, then enter the coupon code. This only applies to the original black or white 13″ MacBook, not the white UniBody MacBook or any other machines.”

Well, tons of news out there and not enough time to talk about it. Until next time, folks.

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