iPhone 4 Arrives

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***Several minutes of triumphant fanfare***

Enter iPhone 4, women and children squeal with excitement; grown men brought to tears.

I know that Steve Jobs proclaimed the iPad, “The most important product” that he has ever worked on.

But how about this iPhone 4, huh? Even through the ordering problems with Apple and AT&T (running a top-notch, fully functioning website is NOT easy folks!), the leaked iPhone drama, and the rapid-fire of early iPhone 4 defects and concerns, people are just plain buying the **** out of these phones. Myself included. Why not?

It’s the beginning of Summer. The world is green and prospering. Why not treat yourself to this new phone — especially if we buy your old one?

Brad, one of our sales reps and future featured employees, dropped by the Apple Store in Leawood, Kansas last night to check out the crowd. He encountered the usual line of Apple fans and new iPhone customers, and some of our iResQ customers were even there. Here are some pics that he snapped with his iPhone:

Happy iPhoning to all the proud new iPhone 4 owners, and if you have an accident remember who to call or click on. We already have our iPhone 4 repairs up and kicking.

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