iPhone 2.0 and other random stuff

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Hello. I just wanted to drop in really quick and blab for a minute. So the iPhone 2.0 was announced this week. It’s funny because I had a feeling that Apple was about to release a new iPhone, and my immediate attitude about it was “Yeah right. Like I’m gonna drop another 400 bucks less than a year after I bought my first one”. Well, it took about 5 minutes after the announcement for me to decide to buy the new one. I’m such a sucker, but geez, 199 for the new iPhone – that’s not bad at all. I think it’s a great decision. I’m no marketing expert by any means, but I can’t see how this won’t affect their competition in a huge way. I can see it now – everyone and their uncle has an iPhone within a year. Pretty funny. But yeah, I am stoked. Not to mention ATT’s Edge network was so slow. I hope this new network they’re boasting for the iPhone is as fast as they say it is.

And finally, our friend Fiona sent us a really good article “Paperless World: 50 Tips and Tools for Reading On Your iPod” – why not save a few trees during this tumultuous time? Thanks, Fiona.

Alright, take care and be safe out there – here’s a random animated gif to get you through your weekend


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