iPads, AppleCare, Hard Drives, Xmas….

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There is a lot to talk going on in the tech world these days. Let’s jump right in in list form shall we?

1. iPads. Rumors of the next iteration of the iPad have been making their rounds. This post on MacRumors brings the iPad Mini rumor back to life. We’ve all heard the late Steve Jobs’ opinion on what the ideal size of a tablet should be (hint: it’s the size of current iPads). Any more than 9.7″ and it’s too big and clunky. Any less and it’s just a cumbersome, overgrown smartphone. Well, Apple may be reassessing their thoughts on the subject in response to the massive success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Rumors have it that a 7″ iPad “Mini” may be introduced sometime before the end of 2012. What do you think? Would you welcome a smaller iPad? My opinion is yes. I’d love to be able to comfortably hold an iPad with one hand while sipping a beverage in the other. In any case, whatever Apple releases, iResQ will proudly service all of your iPad needs. We might even start seeing the iPad 3 before the end of Q1 2012.

2. AppleCare. How many of you out there have purchased Applecare? Myself, I have purchased AppleCare once in my history of owning Apple products. When I bought my first Mac, a 14″ iBook G4 in 2005, I purchased AppleCare with it. Did I use it? Nope. Did I need it? No. Am I right? Well, the reason for bringing up the subject in the first place is because of this interesting article by Senior Macworld contributor Ted Landau. It’s a long article but certainly worth reading. Basically, the point is that you would probably save money in the long run by not purchasing AppleCare. The chance of you having to use it compared to not using it is slim. And the fact that AppleCare simply doesn’t cover accidental damage really limits the purpose of purchasing it in the first place.

Regarding Applecare+, Ted makes a great point: “According to what I’ve been told, Apple will replace any damaged out-of-warranty iPhone with a refurbished model for a flat fee of $200. To get a replacement under AppleCare+, it will cost you $148 ($99 for the warranty + $49 service fee). In other words, AppleCare+ will save you only $52 — compared to getting an non-covered replacement phone. In addition, in order to have a chance at this $52 saving, you need to outlay $100 on an extended warranty that you will most likely never need. In the end, you are more likely to lose $100 than save $52. To me, this makes AppleCare+ a sucker’s bet. I’d rather take my chances and pay the $52 if I lose.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Bottom line, do whatever feels comfortable. Just know that we are here to help you no matter what you decide to do.

3. Hard Drives. In an earlier blog I penned at the beginning of the year, I talked about how natural disasters affect our lives every day. Although we have had a fair share of unfortunate events occur in the US this year, we aren’t the only ones tragically affected. Thailand is still dealing with massive floods. For all you tech consumers out there, this is starting to hit home. The floods in Thailand have claimed many factories involved in producing hard drives among other things. Western Digital, for example, was hit hard. Expect to see price hikes on hard drives and other tech in the coming months. Hurry and buy a hard drive upgrade at discount prices while you can. More importantly, keep all those affected by these disasters in your hearts.

4. Retina Displays. I’m going to keep this one short. It looks like we are going to be seeing Retina Displays on MacBook Pros. What does this mean? Pure beauty, my friend.

Well, Christmas is coming up. I can’t wait. I will be celebrating this lovely holiday on Carnival’s Conquest. Lucky Me.


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