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ipad_4_screenSome people hook up their iPad to their computer, and nothing happens. They unplug the iPad from the computer, and then plug it back in, and nothing. They may even turn their iPad off and on again, and then their computer off and on again. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

Before you think that something is detrimentally wrong with your iPad, try out these troubleshooting steps for when your iPad won’t sync with iTunes.

Disconnect USB Devices

The first thing you should do is disconnect all USB devices from your computer. Reconnect your iPad to it leaving the other devices out.

Sometimes, other USB devices might conflict with the iPad, which is why the computer won’t recognize them. If iTunes still doesn’t come up, or you don’t see your iPad in iTunes, proceed to the next step.

Make Sure You Have iTunes Latest Version

Go to iTunes to check if you have the latest version. When iTunes fails to update and the iPad did, it can cause a conflict because iTunes can’t support the iPad’s new features. Ensuring you have both of the latest versions for iTunes and iPad can help when an iPad won’t sync.

Reset the Router

If you’re syncing over Wi-Fi, it might help to reset the router. It may be a wireless connection problem. Simply turn off your router, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn it on again. This might do the trick, but if it doesn’t, go on to the next step.

Use a Different USB Cable

Cables can break, so to make sure that’s not why your iPad won’t sync, use another one. It’s best to borrow someone else’s before you go out and spend money on a new one. That way if you can sync with your friend’s USB cable, you know that’s the reason, and you won’t waste your money.

Restore Your Device

This is your last choice because it will wipe your iPad clean. While cleaning it up by removing everything from it may fix the problem, it can be a pain because first you have to make sure you back everything up. Once you restore it, you’ll have to put everything back on. It’s worth it though if you end up being able to sync it again.

Contact iResQ for iPad Repair

We have certified technicians available right now to do diagnostics on your iPad. So, if you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to fix the syncing problem, let our technicians take a look. It may be a hardware issue that simply takes a quick replacement to make it sync again. Whatever the case may be, we’ll figure it out, and return your iPad as good as new.


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