iPad Screen Cracked? Find Out What to Do

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The iPad is a truly magical little device that can do many of the tasks of a full-size computer but is much more portable. Unfortunately, being so easy to carry around makes the iPad more vulnerable to accidents that can cause damage. One of the more common is an iPad with a cracked screen.

Unlike most laptops, the iPad is not encased in a metal shell and the screen is the most fragile part of the tablet. If you do drop the iPad and wind up with a cracked screen, you’ll need to take special care of the device to avoid further damage before you can get it fixed. Keep the iPad safely tucked into a case when you’re not using it and make sure no moisture or dirt comes in contact with the tablet. That damaged screen is not providing your iPad with the protection it needs and exposure to some substances can cause internal damage.

If your iPad is still working despite the cracked screen, you may be able to continue using it, at least for a while. But if the LCD screen is damaged, your iPad’s touchscreen may no longer respond. The iPad actually has two screens: the outer glass, called the digitizer, and the LCD glass that interacts with the touch screen. Unless you’re an experienced Apple repair person, it’s difficult to tell whether your iPad needs one of the two screens or both.

Even if your iPad is brand new, the Apple one-year warranty does not cover accidental damage. Spending more for AppleCare covers your iPad for only two incidents of accidental damage and each involves a $49 service fee. You may be tempted to order one of those fix-it-yourself screen kits from Amazon or eBay, but you could up spending over $100 only to find out that taking apart an iPad and putting it back together isn’t for amateurs. If your iPad screen is cracked, you need fast, reliable service that you can trust.

 iPad Screen Cracked Services

Before spending money on parts that you may not be able to use, check out iResQ.com. Their skilled technicians can give you a free diagnostic and repair quote on your iPad screen crack, usually within 24 hours of receiving the device. The quote is absolutely free, plus you have the option of getting the tablet repaired or having it returned right away at no charge. The experts at iResQ can replace your digitizer, LCD screen or both and get your iPad back to you looking brand new. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because all repairs come with a 90-day warranty and 30-day refund policy. Go to www.iResQ.com or call 888-447-3728 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday for technical assistance that you can depend on!

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