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Hey all,

Have you seen the latest Kindle ad on TV? Just wondering if anyone thought it was as funny as I did.

The ad compares the Kindle with the iPad — well, sorta. The ad only focuses on two things: that it’s difficult to see an iPad screen in direct sunlight, and the price difference between the Kindle and iPad. You know what? Here, I’ll just plop the video on here so you can see what I’m talking about:

Objection, your honor!

I know the Kindle is trying to promote its product… I get it. The Kindle is probably really nice if you want a piece of hardware that allows you to read books. And it works in direct sunlight, where the iPad has a glass panel over the screen and the surface is annoyingly reflective in direct sunlight. I have experienced this myself with an iPad. It’s not really an exaggeration.

I guess the issue I have with this ad is, simply, that’s all the Kindle does. I don’t really see how you can compare the two products.

The Kindle is a book reader. The iPad can browse the web, play movies, play games, play music, type, edit documents, and more in its native state. When you add in the Apps, multiply its capabilities times about a zillion. That’s why the Kindle is so much cheaper, because it is pretty limited on what it can do.

Now let’s do a super-zoom and see what book she’s reading:

What's she reading? Can you tell?

Let’s get back to it. I know that they’re trying to sell Kindles, and good luck to them. But why try to pick on the iPad? That’s like a riding lawn mower ad comparing its price to that of a Cadillac. I guess it might work for people who have no idea about either device, but are those people planning on buying one? I hope there’s not a bunch of Kindles under the Christmas tree this year for kids who wanted iPads. Grinch Alert!

Please don't give your kids a Kindle this year if they are asking for an iPad.

To dissect the ad even further, I don’t even think this guy is interested in the lady’s Kindle. He is simply trying to talk to her. Why not?

It’s obvious that I am a little biased here, and this post was meant to be a little light-hearted fun. I’m sure there is an explanation for why Kindle went with this particular ad. I’m sure it made sense to someone. Right?

Thanks for reading,

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