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iPad repair storiesWhenever anyone orders an iPad repair from us, we ask how it was broken. We like to collect this data to know exactly what we are dealing with when we receive a device. As a courtesy, if someone drops a device and orders an iPad screen repair, we check to make sure there aren’t any other issues with it.

Some of the stories we receive with the orders are interesting, to say the least. We often imagine how devices are broken and they elicit a range of emotions. Sometimes, we chuckle, and other times, we cringe. To help you save your iPad from the unfortunate situations our customers have had to deal with, watch this short video on how NOT to break your iPad.

Video: How to Not Break Your iPad – Damaged iPad Stories

As you can see, our customers have some great stories about how they broke their device. The dog chewing and stepping on the devices are ones that we know probably peak your interest since pet lovers probably know what it’s like to deal with mistakes they make, but it doesn’t make you love them any less. The garage door case was one that stunned us and made us cringe. Just imagining a garage door crushing the iPad makes most of us sick to our stomach.


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