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ipad repair serviceDuring the Oscars, there was a new iPad commercial shown. This iPad commercial wasn’t like all the others. It was different because it was short with an iPad. If you saw it, you probably couldn’t tell because it was that good.

It was an iPad Air 2 that took the footage. It used the iSight camera with 1080p 30fps video recording. Part of the commercial were taken from students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. They were given iPads to do a film project, and the results were amazing.
You can see the video here:

You’re probably thinking, “I wish my iPad could shoot videos like this…”

You are not alone. It’s true that the iPad Air 2 has one of the best cameras in a tablet you can get, but for some people, it doesn’t have to do with the ability of the camera. It has to do with it malfunctioning.
It can be very easy for the camera on an iPad to break. Even a drop that doesn’t shatter the screen can make the camera break without you even noticing. What happens is that your photos don’t look as good as they did before the drop and the video doesn’t look as good.

We see it time and time again. People don’t know what’s wrong with their iPad’s camera, but they know there must be something going on with it. That’s when our certified technicians take a look at it and give it a diagnosis. With their experience and training, they can identify problems with a camera if there is one.

Once they know what’s wrong, we call you. We want you to know what is wrong and how much it will cost to fix it. You will then be able to decide if you want us to send it back to your unrepaired or repaired. It’s completely up to you.

Most of our customers choose to have us repair the iPad’s camera because it’s not something that devastates the device. There’s no need to buy a new iPad just for the camera.

Diagnostics is free to find out what’s wrong with your iPad. To repair the camera, we perform an iPad camera replacement. You can learn more about that on our iPad repair page.
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