iPad Repair School Story: iResQ Restores Non-Verbal Boy’s Mode of Communication

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School iPad RepairFor some iPad repairs, we take great interest in the stories that come along with them. For this one, we thought it was worthy to share because it shows the impact we have on people.

iPad Repair School Story

We received this iPad from a school in Michigan. A student uses this iPad for school to communicate because he is not able to verbally. He types everything he wants to say, and the teachers use the device to understand his needs and wants.

Unattended iPads in the Classroom

Apparently, the device was left in a classroom unattended. Someone bumped into the desk it was on, and the iPad fell to the floor.

The result of the fall was a screen shattered in pieces. This was quite devastating for the boy because it was the only way he was able to effectively communicate with his teachers and peers.

As soon as we received the iPad, we went right to work to replace the iPad cracked screen. It only took a few minutes for our certified technicians to swap out the screens.

Once we were finished, we contacted the school to let the person who sent it in know that it was repaired and on its way.

Feels Good to Fix a School’s iPad

It feels good to know that this school iPad repair was for a boy who truly needs this device in his life. Many don’t think about how important the iPad is to certain people, and this is the perfect case to realize that importance.

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