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ipad repair pennsylvaniaPhysicians, nurses, and other health professionals often contact us when they have problems with their iPads. Since they are required to supply their own iPads, iPhones, etc. they are responsible for getting it repaired if something happens to it. This is part of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program many medical facilities have now.

 iPad Repair Pennsylvania BYOD Story

We received a Coatesville, PA iPad repair a couple of weeks ago from a health professional. The customer stated the iPad would not stay connected to a Wi-Fi signal unless he was within 20 feet of the router. He didn’t know what happened to it because there was no water damage or any external damage. He also mentioned Apple took a look at it, but didn’t find any problems with it.

Our certified technicians reported the iPad 2 64 GB device was indeed having Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Upon opening the device, it was discovered the LCD didn’t look like the original one. It looked as if an amateur repaired the iPad’s LCD because the Wi-Fi cable was ripped, which is common among inexperienced LCD iPad repair people.

Our technicians replaced the Wi-Fi antenna, and tested it out. The Wi-Fi worked perfectly.

Lesson Learned

If you’re a medical professional with an iPad that needs a repair, don’t choose a random iPad repair service. Choose one like iResQ that has experienced technicians available who can fix your iPad with skill and quality parts.

For more information about how we can help physicians, nurses and other health professionals part of the BYOD program, please contact us at 888-447-3728.

Image courtesy of mattbuchanan from Flickr

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