iPad Repair is Coming!

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iPad,iPad, iPad. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s because the whole world is abuzz with iPad talk. Seems like a pretty good deal- even with the $130 surcharge for 3G capability, there’s a whole mess of stuff an iPad can do for $629 that most netbooks can’t. For example, run Mac OSX. And implement the best touch-screen technology in existence. Pow.

Yes, I know what skeptics are saying. You can’t multi-task or use Flash. How, you ask, does this constitute the perfect browsing experience? I have to be honest- though these faults seem fairly debilitating, Apple has rarely disappointed with new devices. And when they have made mistakes (*cough* EDGE iPhone *cough*) they corrected them by the next generation’s release. So where do you weigh in on the iPad potential? Despite its shortcomings it’s still a pretty cool device that consumers will be lining up outside of retail stores to buy. And we have parts on the way, so if you’re one of those consumers and you just happen to drop your iPad on the pavement as you leave the store, we’ll be here to take care of you. Picture courtesy of Apple.

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