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ipad repair for businessesBusinesses often use iPads to help their customers. Since they hold so much information and can connect to the cloud, it makes serving customers easy.

The problem is that with all of the use that iPads get, they are bound to break or malfunction. Most of the time it’s that users accidentally drop the device and the screen cracks. Luckily, this type of damage just requires a simple screen replacement. With iResQ, it could be done within 24 hours.

Other problems that iPads can see is a malfunctioning Home button, speaker, or camera. Usually, this has to do with dropping the device, while other times it’s just because the part was faulty. The best way to repair these problems and many others is to have the parts replaced. iResQ only uses high quality parts when replacing Apple iPad ones because we know that’s important to you.

There are situations in which iPad users do not know what is wrong with their device. It might just not act as it did a week or two ago. The only way to find out what’s wrong is to ask an iPad expert – a certified iPad technician. iResQ has certified technicians and offers FREE diagnostics and iPad repair quotes. Our iPad experts review iPads, find out what’s wrong, and then contact customers to let them know what they’ve found. It’s up to customers whether or not they want to follow through with the repair.

iPad Repair for Businesses Program

We have a special program for business owners. These corporate accounts come with a representative that will take care of all your iPad repair needs. Whenever you need a repair, you can simply call your representative and get it taken care of quickly and easily.

Most business owners choose to use us as their iPad repair service versus buying insurance. They find our prices are much more cost effective compared to pay for insurance. You may find the same after speaking to our iPad experts. Call us today for more information about our business program for iPad repair – 888-447-3728.

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