iPad Repair and MacBook Repair Service for Schools

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Schools across the nation are using iPads and MacBooks daily. Since students must bring them from class to class and from home to school, there’s a high chance they will drop them or end up damaging them in some other way. While many schools have elected to have insurance, there are many schools that are starting to move away from that cost. They are choosing to self-insure themselves.

1:1 iPad Repair and MacBook Repair Service for Schools

With self-insurance, schools save money. They don’t have to pay monthly to insure their devices, and they don’t have a deductible to pay when an iPad or MacBook breaks. Instead, they take that money that they would have used on insurance and only use it to repair the devices. Why does this save money? Because most repairs cost less than what insurance will charge over time.

Recently, we were chosen to be the sole iPad repair service for a New Mexico school district. This enables us to be repair the iPads and MacBooks of many schools in that district. This is quite an honor because we believe that technology is a great tool to teach our youth.

Why We Were Chosen for MacBook and iPad Repair for New Mexico Schools

The main reason the school district chose us was because of our prices and fast turnaround. We also have a great record of excellent customer service. These qualities are important to schools because they are on a limited budget, need devices back to their students quickly, and want the devices repaired by skilled, knowledgeable technicians.

To announce this fantastic news, we published a press release. You can see it here:


You can read about other schools we’ve helped, and more about why we were chosen for the New Mexico school district.

We hope to continue to help the education system all over the United States. If your school is interested in the 1:1 iPad and MacBook repair service program, please contact us. We do have discounts available for schools.




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