iPad Mini (or is it Mini iPad?)

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Greetings all. This is your very own Apple rumor monger, Keith!  Ok maybe I’m not a rumor monger, but I do like to talk about new Apple products that have yet to be released (or announced for that matter).  Around here, we don’t just talk about iPad repairs, we talk everything Apple. The topic of today’s blog: the Mini iPad.

Let’s start by talking about what we currently know about the purported “iPad Mini”. With Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York times reporting that Apple has plans to release a smaller iPad (between 7-8 inches) later this year, it seems like the possibility of this happening is greater than ever.  Despite Steve Jobs himself throwing out the idea of having Apple release a smaller tablet,  consumers seem to be clamoring for such a device from Apple.  For those who simply can not justify spending a minimum of $499 on a new iPad, the prospect of seeing a cheaper iPad on the market is exciting despite the iPad having a significantly smaller form factor.

If you don’t currently own an iPad, why not?  I can only answer for myself: it’s simply too expensive for what I would use it for.  The convenience of using an iPad for web browsing is great. I would rather use an iPad than my trusty old MacBook to browse the interwebs, but $499 plus tax is too high a cost to justify putting my MacBook aside in favor of an iPad.  With a seemingly high barrier to entry, the iPad seems to shoot itself in the foot. But if you think about it, Apple’s products have historically been expensive.  It’s known that when you purchase an Apple product you will be paying substantially more money in trade for a more reliable, sexy, and superior operating system (yep, I said superior but that’s just my humble opinion).  That’s what makes Apple the company that they are.  High cost = better quality.

I myself would say that if Apple were to release a smaller, cheaper iPad this year, I’m in.  An iPad for $299? Yes sir! Sign me up.  If Apple does do this, this would be the biggest step in invading the homes and businesses around the world since the introduction of the iPod.  Apple’s stock is already pricey, but if you have the money to invest, I urge you, put your money on Apple before they release the Mini iPad.

Whether you own a new iPad, an iPad 2, or an original iPad, you know where to go to get it fixed if harm should befall your lovely device. iPad repair is one of our many specialties. And believe you me, when the iPad Mini comes out, we will be the first to offer repairs on it.

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