IPad Mini 2 Retina display having issues

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Those who decided to grab a new iPad Mini over the iPad Air might be in for a slight disappointment over the device's upgrade to a Retina display. According to MacRumors, image retention or “ghosting” has been a frequent issue on the new iPad Minis.

The source stated that the problem was first noted when display manufacturer Sharp was reportedly having problems with burn-in, causing production delays and supply constraints for the devices released last week.

Some iPad Mini owners have found they have the problem by performing a grid test on the devices, as the grid still appears on the screen even after the test has stopped running. Despite the annoyance it may cause for a few minutes, the retention is not permanent. The good news is that a large majority of new iPad Mini buyers aren't experiencing any “ghosting” issues as of right now.

According to MacRumors, this hasn't been the first Retina display issue the company has faced, as the older Retina MacBook Pros also experienced some of the same issues the new iPad Minis are.

Lifehacker discussed how to test for the image retention issues based on Marco Arment research. Their article stated that “ghosting” most commonly occurs in black and white images. IPad Mini owners should do a black and white grid test, leaving it up for around ten minutes. Once the time is up, the users should click on “switch to gray” and see if there are any black and white grid squares left over, especially on the edges of the frame. If so, the device has this problem.

Those who may have a cracked iPad because they were frustrated over the screen display issues should send those broken devices to iResQ, a leader in iPad repair services.

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