iPad Dock Connector Repair: The Soy Sauce Story

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dock connector soy sauceMost people use soy sauce on their Chinese food; other people end up seasoning their iPad with it.

One NH iPad repair we recently received came along with an interesting story. The device was in a bag with a bottle of soy sauce. When the customer arrived at the lake, she took out her iPad to find that it was covered in soy sauce. Apparently, the soy sauce’s cap was not on tight enough.

After turning it on, the customers found that whenever she was on a webpage, it would spontaneously go to the home screen. This became quite annoying, but not as frustrating as not being able to charge the device. Over time, the battery ran out, and there was nothing she could do to charge it.

What We Did for this Soy Sauced iPad

Our certified technicians went right to work when they receive the soy sauced iPad. Since it wasn’t charging, a technicians replaced the dock connector first.

Believe it or not, that was it. The dock connector was damaged, which was affecting the charging and function of the device.

We packed it up securely, and shipped it right back to the customer.

Just as Good as New iPad Without the Cost

An accident like this could have resulted in the customer having to purchase a brand new iPad, if it wasn’t for our skilled technicians. If you’ve placed your iPad in a bag with a bottle of soy sauce, or you’ve damaged it in some other way, send it over to us. We will perform free diagnostics on it to identify the problem right away.

Find more information here on our iPad repair services page.

Image by Thomas R. Schwarz (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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