iPad Cracked Screen FAQ’s

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ipad cracked screenIs your iPad under the weather with a cracked or shattered screen? These are the most FAQ about iPad cracked screens. With iPad repair advice you can avoid spending hundreds on a new iPad.

Can I repair my iPad screen myself?

Yes and no. While it’s definitely possible to repair your own iPad screen, it is highly discouraged by the professionals. With the proper tools, training, patience, and necessary aptitude, your repair may be successful. However, the multitudes of video tutorials found on the web are typically found to leave out the most critical information. During these DIY iPad cracked screen repair attempts, many people have wound up with their device completely ruined and in much worse shape than just a broken screen.

In truth, the cost alone to purchase the necessary tools in combination with the time it takes to do the job correctly adds up to more than what it costs to just get your iPad repaired by a professional technician.

Don’t let a little, affordable problem turn into a disaster by ignoring the experience and knowledge of an expert iPad repair store. Although you will find thousands of DIY repair videos online for Apple devices, it takes a lot of videos and an ample amount of training to successfully master iPad and iPhone repairs.

Isn’t my iPad cracked screen covered under warranty?

Not usually. In 99% of cases, a cracked or broken screen is not covered under any warranty.

iPad Cracked Screen Solution

Opt to have your iPad handled only by an expert, iResQ certified technicians, since we have the reputation and training to replace parts and make repairs to all generations of Apple iPads and iPhone devices.

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