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Many people with the brand new iPad Air have accidentally dropped their devices. They have cracked their screens. Since the iPad Air is new, many of those people turn to Apple for a screen repair.

While many of them expect it will be part of the warranty, they quickly learn Apple’s limited warranty doesn’t cover damage made by the user. Damage includes an accident, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications.

Some people are eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) service. That means they can get it replaced with a refurbished model. This costs a significant amount of money. For a refurbished iPad Air from Apple, you’ll pay $299 plus $6.95 for shipping.

You can get your iPad Air screen repair for much less simply by using iResQ.

We price our iPad Air repair for cracked screens $100 less than Apple will give you a refurbished one. That means you get your personal iPad Air back looking as good as new.

We have both colors for the iPad Air, so when you order, all you have to do is choose the color you are sending in for the screen repair.

iPad Air Broken Glass/Screen Repair Service – Black (Space Gray)

iPad Air Broken Glass/Screen Repair Service – White (Silver)

About Fixing It Yourself

As you’re searching around for a way to repair your cracked screen iPad Air, it’s likely you’ll find websites that sell the parts and ones that show you how to replace the screen yourself. We highly recommend you DO NOT do this type of repair on your own.

We have certified technicians who have been trained to perform these repairs. They had to spend hours learning how to replace screens on iPad Air devices, so they would be able to do them on our customers’ devices without fail.

There’s so much to replacing the screen on the iPad Air that if you mess up just one thing, it could cause your device to never work again. That’s such a hard lesson to learn, especially after spending hours trying to fix it only to end up with a headache and a brick.

Your iPad Air is an investment. Don’t throw that investment away. Contact us for an iPad Air screen repair today. Our prices are low, and we have a fast turnaround time. Just check out our customer reviews to find out how satisfied our customers are with our work.

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