iPad Air is twice as fast as iPad 4, benchmark test reveals

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Many expected a performance bump when switching from an older iPad to the iPad Air, but only a few expected it to be as big of a difference as it turned out to be. According to Mobile​ Bloom News, the latest benchmark tests have shown that the Air performs twice as well as the fourth-generation iPad.

The iPad Air model with a single core received a score of 1465, while the double core model scored 2643 on Primate Labs' Geekbench 3 benchmark, which simulates real-world workloads. These performance results are thanks to the new A7 processing chip that came out when the iPhone 5S was revealed just a couple of months ago. The Air was found to be two times better than the iPad 4 and five times better than the iPad 2.

The Air processor has a speed of 1.4 gigahertz, which is 100 megahertz faster than the A7 chip in the 5S. This marks an 80 percent speed increase between the iPad Air and the iPad 4.

Gotta Be Mobile contributor Josh Smith stated that the performance is especially noticeable because of how well iOS 7 runs on the new iPad compared to every older device.

“The iPad Air is a blazing fast iPad that makes iOS 7 feel smooth as silk compared to the iPad 3 that many users are upgrading from,” Smith wrote.

The operating system is faster on the Air because of the added processing power and the fact that Apple has optimized iOS 7 for the launch of the device. Everything from the animations to switching between applications to using multiple applications at once is much faster than other iterations of the iPad. Gamers especially should be switching to the latest device, as graphically there isn't a comparison in older generations.

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