iPad Air debuts in Nigeria

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In the wake of a commercial that some have been touting as one of the best ads ever released by Apple, the slim new iPad Air has been selling well in places like Nigeria, where it just hit the market last month. The Nigerian iPad Air is being sold by Core Group Africa, a certified Apple dealer. 

Rutger-Jan van Spaandonk, Core Group's CEO, was quoted as saying that his company is “delighted to announce the official availability of iPad Air in Nigeria. iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light and we encourage customers to … experience this life-changing product.” Fortunately Nigerians will also have access to iPad repair services to make sure their needs are met, according to Humanipo. Apple has launched a Nigerian version of the iPad Air website, which breaks down the product and all its features, including the 3.1 million pixels spread across the device's 9.7 inch display.

Don't try repairs at home

For all Apple products it is important to find a good repair service if problems arise – and that is especially true for iPad repair. Sleek and beautiful as it is, the iPad Air presents a formidable challenge in the repairs arena. This means that the DIY methods employed by many Apple users (the rice solution for your iPod, for example) might not apply for the Air. The iPad Air was recently listed third on CNet's list of the “Most annoying Cracking Open Teardowns of 2013,” coming in directly behind Google Glass.

What makes the Air so difficult to repair is not only its small size, but also the fact that the device's front panel is held to the metal body by glue. That means you actually need to heat the case to open it up. Besides the glue, the Air uses several other adhesives that the folks at iFixIt claim make it extremely hard to remove the battery.

iPhone taking to the Air?

With the popular success of the iPad Air, folks in the Apple community are saying that the iPhone will be the next product to get an Air iteration. That seems to have been confirmed by a recent report that the iPhone 6 will be a mere 6mm thick, making it Air-sized when compared to the current iPhone 5S, which sits at 7.6 mm in thickness. Industry insiders are saying that the iPhone 6 will make its debut in May, and that its extreme thinness makes it the next likely contender for the Air moniker.

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