IPad Air battery life tricks

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If someone has bought the new iPad Air, they may have realized that battery life might be a little shorter than expected. This could be caused by any number of reasons, such as a bright screen or an application that uses up a lot of processing power. To help improve a charge, International Business Times listed a few ways owners can do so:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use: Wi-Fi is one of the biggest battery drainers on the device. When not near a hotspot, it is best to turn off the feature so the iPad isn't searching for a network constantly.
  • Disable location services: Many times applications will ask users to turn on location services to help it . However, when the apps are not being used, the iPad is still searching for its location.
  • Use a quicker lock interval: Choosing to have the iPad locked after one or two minutes of not being used can greatly improve battery life.
  • Keep it cool: Charge is significantly reduced when the device is heated up. Store it in a cool place and don't allow the sun to beat down on it for long periods of time.

While these are all common problems that can drain a battery, perhaps the most simple way an iPad loses its charge is through an application that is taking up a lot of power. International Business Times offered two solutions to get rid of of this problem.

One way is by forcing an application to close. Double tapping the home button will show  users which apps are running and allow them to close the programs by swiping up on the icon that appears for each program. An even simpler method is by turning off the device. Sometimes it's just better to do a whole system restart, especially if the iPad is running a lot of applications.

If these methods don't work and the iPad battery is still draining quickly, send the device to iResQ, which handles iPad repair services such as battery replacement.

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