iPad 3 Repairs Coming Soon

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The iPad 3 is on the horizon as Apple appears to be gearing up for an early March announcement of the device. While I don’t expect anything truly revolutionary from the device, I do expect a higher resolution screen, faster processor, and of course, longer battery life. If your’e hoping for a new, smaller version of the iPad, I’d say don’t hold your breath. The late Steve Jobs made it clear that the iPad’s current size is the ideal size for a tablet style device. Personally, I would like to see smaller size as an option but I won’t be disappointed either way.
In advance of the impending release of the iPad 3 (hopefully) within the next month, iResQ is gearing up for every iPad 3 repair possible. iPad 3 owners need not fret when they drop their beloved iPad. Whether your iPad 3 has cracked glass or a broken lcd, we will always be your best option for getting it repaired. iPad repairs are what we do best. iPad 3 repairs will not be any different.

We are currently running a few specials on iPad 2 Broken Glass Repair and iPad Gen 1 Glass Repair so be sure to check them out. If you have an older broken iPad laying around while you wait to get a new iPad 3, now is the perfect time to get it fixed. You can either give it to a friend or loved one as a gift, or sell it towards your iPad 3 purchase.

Well, I’m gearing up for a frigid weekend here in KC. So be warm, be safe, and be easy. Ok, I admit, I stole that last line from our local sports talk radio personality Nick Wright. Either way, have a great weekend and don’t forget about Eric’s awesome Qpon!

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