iPad 3 Loses Its Home Button?

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As we continue to repair a record number of iPad 2’s we’re gearing up for March 7th, when Apple will be introducing the iPad 3.  Reports are now showing that Apple may be completely doing away with the iPad 3’s home button. In a recent photo that Apple has released, it shows an “iPad 3” with no home button. Oh rumors. Is it simply in landscape mode? Or is the iPad in portrait mode with no home button.


At first glance it looks like the spacing between Apps on the bottom launch bar is a little wide making it seem like the iPad 3 is in landscape mode. Or are we looking too close? Will the iPad 3 home button go away? Will it stay? Oh time will tell will it not? Needless to say, home button or not, iResQ will fix your broken iPad 3. If you have an iPad 3 with shattered glass, a dented backplate, broken home button (or not), we’re ready for it. Have a broken iPad 2? We can fix that for you as well.

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