iOS update a drain on batteries

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Generally, having the newest version of an operating system installed on your smartphone is considered a good thing. But what happens when updates are more hassle than they're worth? This is the situation that some Apple fans are finding themselves in with various incarnations of iOS 8. In addition to security mishaps and other problems, many people are reporting that iOS 8 is a serious drain on battery life – especially for the iPhone 5.

“Chatted with Apple support and they had me do a restore and set up as new,” wrote one Apple user on the company's tech support forum, according to CNET. “I did that since I'm seeing other glitches in iOS 8. It seemed to work after that, but I only tested for a few minutes and didn't do the ping test (which I should have done as that would have given me a definitive answer). I then restored my backup and the issues returned. Apple support implied if restoring as new didn't fix the problem, then it's a hardware problem. Considering the number of reports about this, he can't be correct.”

There are a number of different reasons why battery life can suffer on an iPhone. It may have to do with a bug in the operating system update, but it can also be the result of a number of other things. These range from simple fixes like making sure that apps are closed when not in use to complicated matters like a full-on iPhone battery replacement, so it is important to try several solutions before resorting to a total change in power supply. If you are experiencing OS-related headaches, iPhone 5c battery problems and have exhausted all other options, contact iResQ today.

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