iOS 7 not available to some iPod touch users

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Owners of the fourth-generation iPod touch are upset that they aren't able to get iOS 7, which was released recently for most Apple products, according to The Bitbag. Apple didn't include the fourth-generation iPod touch devices in the update.

Users of this device are upset about not being able to download and install the new operating system because that version on the iPod touch could've been bought fairly recently, as it was released in 2010 and re-released by the company in 2011. 

Apple made the update available for users of iPhone 4, iPad 2, the fifth generation iPod touch and the first-generation iPad Mini, but excluded both the fourth-generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS. 

The problem with including the fourth-generation iPod touch in the iOS update is the device's memory. That iPod only has 256 megabytes of RAM, compared to the 512 megabyte RAM that is in the iPhone 4 and newer devices. The new graphics associated with the update wouldn't translate well to that memory, and Apple figured it would be better to make the update compatible with devices that had over 512 megabytes of memory.

Associated News listed some of the new features that those iPod touch users will miss with the new operating system, such as the new area on the lock screen where users can easily toggle the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities on or off and apply necessary security updates.

Even some of the older devices included with the iOS updates will be missing out on features like the slow-motion camera or panoramic pictures available on newer models.

So if you couldn't get the new update and were mad enough to throw or smash your iPod and the screen cracked, send it to iResQ and they will take care of all your iPod touch repairs.

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