Internal issues, rice not a cure-all, and other repair incidents

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A crack that is more than surface deep

  • The situation: A Virginia woman sent her device into us for a MacBook repair after a drop led to some damage.
  • What caused it: It's a misconception that damage to an Apple device's screen only remains confined to the screen alone. Oftentimes a cracked screen can indicate that more than the glass is in trouble. As the woman found out, dropping her phone led to more than just the need for an MacBook screen replacement, since the device's normal functionality was disrupted as a result of the fall. 
  • The solution: We'll open up the computer and get to the root of the problem before proceeding with a more in-depth repair.

Rice is not a cure-all

  • The situation: A Missouri man sent in his phone for an iPhone repair after some water damage led to a permanent water imprint in the center of the device's screen.
  • What caused it: Though we don't know specifics, what we do know is that – shocker! – the phone was exposed to water. However, what set this man apart from many who've been in similar situations is that he knew the old rice trick – namely, the submersion of the water-damaged phone in a tightly sealed back of uncooked rice for an extended period of time. But we should point out that, while often effective, the rice method is by no means a cure-all for water damage. In this man's case, though, the rice bought him a few more days with the device before it powered off completely. This could provide important time to extract data like your contact book, for instance.
  • The solution: The presence of water under the screen indicates that the device will have to be disassembled and the LCD likely replaced. 

DIY leads to even more problems

  • The situation: A Los Angeles man sent his device in for an iPhone repair after some not-so-successful DIY attempts led to a malfunctioning screen.
  • What caused it: Like many an Apple user, the man took advantage of the fact that, at least on the surface, many Apple products are possible to repair in the comfort of one's home (sites like iFixIt affirm this notion). But what the man didn't account for is the complexity of the repair he was undertaking, and what began as an attempt to replace the device's rear-facing camera led to a mishap somewhere down the line that resulted in the phone's screen largely malfunctioning. Though the man was apparently successful in replacing one of the device's two cameras, he unwittingly caused an even greater repair.
  • The solution: It's a good thing he chose to send the device in to us instead of embarking on even more dubious repairs. The truth is that anytime you plan on opening the back of an Apple device you must have a thorough idea of exactly what you're doing, or else you risk finding yourself in this exact situation. Fortunately for the California man, here at iResQ we'll be able to trace the mistakes he made and fix them, sending him back his phone as he remembered it.

Wedding ring an unlikely source of damage

  • The situation: A New York man sent his computer in for a repair after the device's screen suffered a crack.
  • What caused it: Usually wedding rings are a cause for joy and celebration, but in this case, the man's ceremonial band was the culprit behind his screen damage. Indeed, the computer was in the process of falling off the table when the man reached his arm out to stop its fall. In doing so, he inadvertently created another problem when his ring scraped the surface of the computer's screen. In retrospect, the man said, he'd just as soon have let the computer fall.
  • The solution: Fortunately for him, the damage is only to the surface of the screen and therefore only calls for a screen replacement. Without the need for deeper repairs, our work will be done in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.

(Not so much) Fun in the sun

  • The situation: A Georgia man got in touch with us after his device failed to move past the Apple screen (the screen you'd typically see when just booting up your computer, phone or tablet). Now the only thing the man is able to do with his device is have it perform diagnostics. Anything beyond that function has been rendered impossible.
  • What caused it: The man wondered aloud whether the fact that his device sat in a hot car for an extended period of time had anything to do with it. Long story short, we're thinking it does. In hot summer days like these, a car in the sun quickly becomes a veritable oven, and as a result an abandoned device can quickly be exposed to heat well beyond the suggested parameters.
  • The solution: We're going to test to see the root cause of the problem before proceeding with a comprehensive repair.
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