Infographic Reveals Smartphone Usage Increasing Consistently

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The below infographic was co-produced by Coupon Audit and yours truly, iResQ. As you’ll see below, the number of people using smartphones is increasing consistently. This goes much more in detail than just showing you how more and more people are using them each year though. You’ll also learn who is using them, how much people are spending, and much more.

  • What’s interesting is that it took a long time for smartphone users to hit the 4 billion mark (17 years), but to double this number of users, it will only take about 3 years.
  • More adults are still using cell phones over smartphones. Surprising, isn’t it?
  • What’s not so surprising is that 95% of people ages 16 to 29 have a phone, while 85% are 30 or older. The 16 to 29 year olds also are more likely to have a desktop or laptop, but 30+ year olds are more likely to have e-readers.
  • Everyone loves their apps. Android recently hit 50 billion downloads, but Apple users are ahead with their downloading because they hit 50 billion 6 months ago.
  • For those you who are Android users, you’ll be happy to see there are more apps available to you (about 700,000), but Apple users, the number of apps is fewer at about 600,000. Do you think you’re really missing the extra 100,000, though?
  • So how much are people spending on global media? A whopping $150 billion!
  • People are spending more money on all aspects of their mobile devices actually. In 2007, people spent 1,110 per year on their phone services, but in 2013, they are spending $1,226.

There’s a lot more information included in this graphic, so take a minute to look it over.

Smartphones Usage: How It Is Increasing Consistently.


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Toms promo code) and iResQ


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