Infants and iPads a bad combo, and other repair stories

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iPad falls into the wrong hands

  • The problem: A Nevada man sent his device in for an iPad repair after it became the unfortunate plaything of a young person.
  • What caused it: Let's just say that to a two-year-old, an iPad is no different than a toy giraffe, a stuffed lion, or anything else that can be picked up, aimed, and hurled with maximum force at the ground. And that's exactly what happened to this man's device. To make a bad situation worse, the iPad was out of its case at the time, and so the device experienced the full impact of its fateful meeting with the ground. The screen now is in shambles, though the iPad is still functional.
  • The solution: First of all, we would caution the man not to use the device anymore before sending it to us, since as he points out, the cracks are only growing in size. In our shop we'll carry out an iPad screen replacement and send it back to him.

Win the battle, lose the war

  • The problem: What started as simply a battery replacement issue for one young woman's iPod turned into something worse when she asked her dad to fix it.
  • What caused it: The dad admitted to us that he had no experience as an Apple repair person – definitely a bad sign – but elected to carry out the repair anyway at his daughter's insistence. Bad move. While he did succeed in replacing the battery, that came at the expense of – well, the rest of the device. After replacing the battery, they went to power on the device only to discover the display was completely nonfunctional.
  • The solution: Retracing the dad's ill-advised steps, we'll be able to see where he went wrong, and restore the iPad to normal functionality.
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