Industry report states that iPhone 5C ‘missed the mark’

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With the iPhone 5S sales greatly outpacing those of the cheaper 5C​ model, many were left wondering why the 5C hasn't performed as well. Expert Reviews reported that many technology industry experts felt the device “missed the mark” in the global market.

One issue was the 5C was billed as the budget iPhone. However, being sold for just a fraction less than the more powerful 5S, many consumers decided to go with the more expensive option that offered better hardware and features. Industry experts feel that this won't affect the company's earnings overall, though.

“Media reports of 5C production cuts are misleading, in our view, given what we think has been strengthening overall 5S/5C production with 5S vectors continuing to strengthen even real time,” said Cowen & Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri, according to Expert Reviews.

So many consumers and experts wondered why the company would release a cheaper iPhone. Business 2 Community contributor Catherine Merzlova discussed why Apple came out with the 5C anyway. One convincing argument is that the company decided not to release a new generation of the iPod Touch, which had been the case with other iPhone rollouts, instead offering a cheaper version of the phone to replace it.

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