In the blistering heat, don’t make these mistakes with your Apple devices

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After an extremely long winter that seemed to all but swallow any hint of spring, we are finally at the sweltering peak of summer. As the month of July dawns, it dawned on us to highlight some repair scenarios that can specifically arise from the heat. Most of these examples come from customer accounts. In addition to providing the scenario, we'll discuss how you can prevent these similar issues from ever befalling your device.

Jogging straight to the repair store

  • What happens: There's a preexisting crack in your iPod, but because it's the only device you have to provide you with music during your runs, you ignore the crack and start jogging anyway. This being the peak of summer, you find yourself running a lot. As a result, one day you give your device a good examination and see that the once-small crack has spread to consume the entire screen, necessitating an iPod screen repair.
  • How to prevent it: Unless you want your jog to be rerouted to the iPod repair shop, it's important that you tackle a problem the second you notice it, instead of simply casting it aside. Believe us, issues with Apple devices will almost invariably get worse, and some have the potential to go downhill extremely quickly. Thus, you're not doing yourself any favors by overlooking what could become a quite serious problem. If your screen cracks even in the slightest, get in fixed before using the device again. You could end up saving yourself a lot of money as well as potential lost time.

Reclining car seat spells bad news for computer

  • What happens: Summer is a time of relaxation under the sun. But sometimes you need a moment away from the beach to re-energize, and so you find yourself in the car, pushing the button to make the seat go back. As you recline, your eyes drift to the ceiling of the car and you fall into a pleasant daze until – crunchhh! What could that be? You turn around and realize your MacBook was lying in the back seat, and the reclining chair has jammed into its screen (this is a true customer story).
  • How to prevent it: When transporting your computer in a car, storing it anywhere but the trunk is a recipe for disaster. There are so many conceivable scenarios that could result in damage, from the one we just discussed to someone accidentally sitting on it to the device getting knocked onto the floor of the car. To prevent any of these from happening, buy a durable case and store the laptop in the trunk. If possible, try to avoid parking in the sun in order to prevent undue heat exposure. 

Diving into disaster

  • What happens: It's an absurdly hot day, and you've waited all morning for this, your afternoon at the pool. As you approach the water you text something to your friend before jumping in, only to realize that the phone never left your hand.
  • How to prevent it: Phones should be nowhere near pools. If you feel the need to take a selfie, do it before heading to swim. 
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